S&V Down Home Cooking & Catering
At S&V
We believe in giving our customers what
they deserve: Good food made with
passion and heart & served with them in
mind being seasoned to the 'T' and
catered to their liking! We take the time
to provide food that EVERYONE will love
and enjoy! We strive to reflect an
atmosphere synonymous to eating at
mama's or grandma's house (one that is
sure to be fulfilling and satisfying every
single time). If something is not on our
menu that you would like, do not hesitate
to give us a call and we will certainly
consider your request. Often we have
things available that do not appear on the
actual menu, so we encourage everyone
to ASK and make your requests known.
Feedback is always welcomed!
Meet Songia Y. Lawrence (S)
"The Owner"
Songia has experience in planning, organizing, decorating,
coordinating, and arranging special occasions since 1987. Her first
notion began at a very small age. She often wondered why so many
homeless people were on the streets of Huntsville. When she would
think on it, she would find herself saying, "Lord if I had the money I
would build a large building to house and feed the homeless." Songia
cares about people and their financial situations. Give her your budget
and she can work it.

In 1992 she was determined to create a very economically proven
business which offered help in many areas of planning special events,
decorating, feeding, and coordinating weddings from the beginning to
the end with the customer's budget in mind. If you would ask S&V
customers, they would tell you that S&V is very economically proven.
Just compare S&V prices with other Wedding Consultants or Caterers
and you will say the same.

Mrs. Lawrence is proud of her roots hailing from Madison, Alabama
where she grew up and graduated from Sparkman High School 1983.
She later obtained a BS degree from Athens State University 1992 and
Masters degree from Florida Institute of Technology 2008 and
currently works full time with nLogic, LLC.  She resides in Meridianville,
Alabama with her husband Greg and son Jailon JaKole (J.J) Lawrence.

Meet the late Ms. Vanessa Moore (V)
"The Food/Dessert Specialist"
God called Vanessa home to rest on October 19, 2017.  Vanessa was a
long standing resident of Madison County where she was born and
raised. She was a proud Alumnus of Monrovia Elementary/Middle
School & Sparkman High School and also obtained extended
educational studies from Meharry Medical College in Nashville,

Being the oldest of her siblings, from an early age, Vanessa always
possessed a unique knack for perfecting the food she prepared and
served with such passion. Everything she prepared was provided with
love, which she told us is often the missing ingredient in most recipes.
Even if the same recipe is followed by another, without LOVE, the
taste will simply be different. Love makes the difference in the taste!

With years of cooking experience, Vanessa was skillfully honed in her
baking skills and she continued to make sweet treats that was enjoyed
by everyone until her health failed! In her spare time, she loved to
spend time with family and friends that she held dear to heart.


S & V Down Home Cooking Restaurant
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MAY 22, 1962 - OCTOBER 19, 2017